Popular Count - BioCollect App & Pamphlet


There are so many ways you can engage with butterflies.  You easily notice larger butterflies in your surrounds, however, the skippers and blues are small and often mistaken for moths. Let's start step by step and by training our eyes with easily recognised species..


Our colour illustrated pamphlet has turned out to be a favourite for families, some of which have even laminated it and go out every weekend to look at Brisbane's butterflies. The engagement alone is beautiful as we want everyone to notice our butterflies, to observe where they exist and what kind of habitat and which host plants for the caterpillars may be required for different species. Please don't forget to submit your data as per instructions on the pamphlet.


Ask your local catchment group for a hardcopy of the pamphlet or download the flyer in A3 format here.


If you have outgrown the pencil and pamphlet age and are into smart devices, download the BioCollect app from Google Play or the App Store. The same illustrations as in the pamphlet make the recording of data easy. All 31 species can easily be recognised, submitted, and will contribute to the  Atlas of Living Australia. For additional species not included in our popular count collection, we recommend that you use the inaturalist app. 


BioCollect app for web