Past Survey Records

Survey Records

Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count 2021-2022 ongoing

The second season of Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count is well under way with additional habitat sites and a lot of enthusiasm especially coming from catchment groups not or hesitantly involved in the inaugural round.

Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count 2020-2021

Brisbane Catchments Network started its highly successful citizen science project Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count in Spring of 2020. The project was taken up by member groups with a lot of enthusiasm and stunning results. 

Terrestrial Invertebrates Status Review - Brisbane City

Others have done surveys before us. Our intention is to compare our records to those already existing. As far as we know the last larger scale butterfly survey was conducted as part of the Terrestrial Biodiversity Status Review in 2004/2005. 

Moth Survey 2021-03-13

Around 22,600 moths call Australia home. They are close relatives of our butterflies in Australis, but only about half are named. Considering that moths play an important role as pollinators and as food source for some of our nocturnal animals (i.e. microbats), a lot of work needs to be done.  

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