Creating butterflies and other craft activities


Children want to be creative. There are many opportunities to be just that with the butterfly theme. We endeavour to provide you with some ideas, easy to follow with materials you likely find at home. This section will grow over time. 


life cycle banner


Create your own butterfly life cycle

To follow the fascinating metamorphosis of a butterfly from egg to adult stage is exciting for anyone. To produce a butterfly's life cycle and to decorate it can be a wonderful conclusion to lessons about butterflies for a child. All you need is a printout of the template with instructions, colour pencils, scissors, and glue, plus either a light coloured paper plate or some coloured cardboard.

Instructions for two different types of butterfly life cycle creations can be found here.


paper butterflies banner


Create your own paper butterfly 

Any kind of paper works for this variety, be it old wrapping paper or that of a magazine or a newspaper. All you need in addition is a pair of scissors and something to tie the wings together and make feelers out of pipe cleaners, wool, ribbon. 

For instructions on how to make a paper butterfly click here.  


Create your own butterfly made of leaves

Your own garden provides ample material. Any bush or tree will provide material for a butterfly. Leaves are wings, little sticks are bodies, You may want to press the leaves before using or make a butterfly while they are still fresh. A little glue helps to keep it all together, and if you want to give your butterfly a face, peeling off the bark and using a pencil enhances the result..

For instructions please click here