Let's plant for butterflies!


What a fantastic activity for children! It’s easy to look after our local butterflies by planting native groundcovers, shrubs and trees for their wellbeing, to explain the interdependency between butterflies at all development stages and their host or nectar plants. Let’s not forget the role butterflies have as pollinators or as part of the food change.


Children love to be creative. To build a butterfly garden from scratch, be it in a school yard or at home, is a wonderful achievement. Literature about what to plant to provide nectar for the adult butterflies and food for the caterpillars can be found in our Butterfly Literature section. If you need help with finding the right host plant why not visit one of the many community nurseries or talk to your local catchment group to receive the right advice.


To water plants, to see them grow and to eventually see butterflies visit and lay eggs, or to follow our colourful joy bringers through their life cycle stages is something to be proud of and to enjoy throughout the warmer months. It beats screens anytime.


Photo: JG-Jutta Godwin