Kids Activities

Kids Activities

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I can be a butterfly - The world through butterfly eyes

Let children pretend to have butterfly eyes with many different optical units. They will have a special experience using little gadgets which imitate adult butterflies' compound eyes, and will also learn more about insect vision. 

I can be a butterfly - Using the proboscis

Let children have fun by playing adult butterflies,  'sipping' nectar from flowers in their surrounds. They will be able to understand how butterflies keep their energy levels up, and at the same time, learn about being pollinators. 

I can be a butterfly - Caterpillars shed their exoskeleton

Let children explore through role play what happens when an always hungry caterpillar outgrows its skin, Let them find out how the larval stage within a butterfly's life cycle works.

I can be a butterfly - The butterfly wedding

Let children celebrate butterflies by learning about mating rituals and especially the use of pheromones in finding their partners. This is an easy and fun filled way of getting to know another exciting aspect of the very interesting life and biology of butterflies. 

Observing butterflies in the outdoors

The warmer season is butterfly exploration time. There is ample opportunity for outdoor education and activity, tailored to the different ages of children. Children will delight in observing colours, wing patterns, sizes, movement and will find the connection between butterfly and host plant.

Let's plant for butterflies!

To plant for butterflies, see the plants grow and eventually see butterflies visit and lay eggs, fo follow our colourful joy bringers through their life cycle stages is something to be proud of and beats screen time anytime. 

Creating butterflies and other craft activities

Children want to be creative. There are many opportunities to be just that with the butterfly theme. We endeavour to provide you with some ideas, easy to follow with materials you likely find at home. 

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