Butterfly Literature

Butterfly Literature

Field Guides & Other Resources

A large array of publications will help the budding and experienced lepidopterist to identify species encountered, will support learning about immature stages, host plants, ecology, behaviour. We have endeavoured to provide a selection which hopefully proves helpful.

Children's Books

Butterflies are fascinating for all ages. There is a large selections of books to choose from, equally suited to inspire, fascinate and learn. There are books for storytelling as well as for those old enough to read themselves. Budding scientists are equally well served as are young historians investigating natural history. 

Fiction and Others

There are many ways to approach and get to know butterflies. Fiction, biographies and popular science all play a role in continuing the love affair with butterflies. The selecton of exquisite books introduced here will be expanded over time. 

Butterfly Adventures in Brisbane

This booklet was developed to provide Information and Inspiration for environmental educators at kindergarten, prep and early primary school, or parents who are keen to let their children explore and value nature. 

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